Give James a role as he won the fortnites.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Well you see I am the well known champion of Fortnite. It is known by all and cried out by all. However in recent years I have noticed a severe lack of respect for this achievement. I call for this disgusting change of events to be overturned, this is why I need you. As we all know the current man to change this event is Tom 'Big Dick' Aston. He is a well renowned nice guy and reasonable server owner (This is something which is rare and hide to find these days). Another thing that is well known is my respect and good natured attitude to Tom 'Big Dick' Aston. So as you can see with the above reasons I should get a role.

If not I shall start a violent revolution killing many in the process. Do you truly want this? Do you want to see your homes burn? Do you want to see your families on spikes? DO YOU WANT TO BE PUT IN A WORK CAMP? DO YOU WANT THE JEWS TO TAKE CONTROL?

I would hope the answer is no. So vote a role for James and maybe you too will be as good as me at fortnite one day. Have a nice day and good bye.