Change Fence for Alicante

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Edward and Kendra Kocher started this petition to Toll Brothers

We, the current and future residents of Alicante at Stonebrook, are petitioning Toll Brothers to change the backyard fencing of houses located on the west side of Alicante to mimic what was installed on the east side. 
The current proposed fencing is to be 4’ wrought iron see through fencing which causes a multitude of problems for residents both current and future. According to the master plan agreed upon with the City of Sparks (photos attached), the iron fence is an option and not mandatory. It also indicates that the west side fencing can be of the same material as the east side. 
We would like the iron fence to be replaced with the exact wood fencing that Phase 1 of the Alicante community was provided with for the following reasons :

1) The homes on the west side are subject to possible unwanted pests (rattlesnakes, mice, rabbits etc) which are potentially dangerous for pets and small children.

2) The lack of security and privacy for the west side of Alicante backing up to La Posada is concerning to the Stonebrook community. Our personal lives and well being of our children are being placed on display for every car that drives La Posada. Opening us up to risk of child predators being able to stalk our children and target our homes for potential robberies.

3) The sound from La Posada will be detrimental to the value of the homes, especially if RTC decides to create La Posada into an artery for USA parkway on I-80. The houses that will back up to connector streets (Stonebrook Pkwy and Oppio Ranch), which will have less traffic than La Posada, are being provided with solid wood fencing.

4) The overall aesthetic appeal of the community will be much greater if the west side and east side of Alicante are made to resemble each other instead of each phase looking like it’s own independent community. 

We ask you to strongly reconsider the current plan of the iron fencing for the rear yards of the west side of Alicante and instead install the same fencing that gives the east side the feeling of being secure and private. Something we can all agree upon, and all want for our homes and community. 

Thank you. 

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!