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Stay loyal to your own beliefs. Don't let PJ ruin the Silmarillion!

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This petition is of great importance. There is a petition runned by a fan of PJ movies. He/she required to Tolkien Estate to let PJ adapt The Silmarillion. Let's first start with the facts before going into deep discussions. The Lord of The Rings movies were amazing. They were fantastic even though Jackson did some changes. He precisely shown to us how Middle-earth is supposed to be. Even though Tom Bombadil never showed up in the movie I can understand his absence. Tolkien himself never described who he was. He only described him by these following words: " He is". His character is for sure hard to interpretate, so Jackson didn't do much damage by not adding him. Second important change PJ did in the Lotr movies is giving Arwen more screentime. She saved Frodo by Nazguls instead of Glorfindel. Some say that this is huge Jackson's omission and some say it's because he needed more women included in his own interpretation. Speaking of Glorfindel he did huge mistake. Glorfindel was an Elf-lord of a house of princes, one of the mighty of the Firtsborn. After Lotr movies PJ decided to adapt the Hobbit. Everyone's first thought was another Middle-earth story on the screen. But soon after that PJ decided to split a tiny book into three movies. Ok, everyone knows that this decision was made because of money. But that wasn't enough for him and the producers. They decided to create a female character. That would be a great idea if they tried to stick to the Tolkien's lore. But no they didn't, they named her Tauriel and set her up in the Mirkwood. She is a Silvan elf with read hair...ok I will stop right here. Where does in his books Tolkien mentioned a Silvan elf with red hair? For someone who does adaptations of Tolkien's work PJ should know that there is only five redhead elves and Silvan elves are not one of them. But that would be still ok if they didn't made a love story between her and a dwarf. For God's sake or for Eru's light elves and dwarves can't interbreed. There is half-elves and half-orcs but no half-dwarves. Why is that some of so-called fans ask all the time? I say because J.R.R.Tolkien, that's why. These are just few changes, he did a lot of them in The Hobbit but if you watched it and you are a bookwarm as I am you'll know that. I'm appealing to all of you Tolkienists sing this petition and don't let PJ ruin Tolkien's masterpiece. To the Professor!

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