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Say NO, Again, to Kroger’s Proposal to Demolish the SND Provincial Center in W. Toledo

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We write in STRONG SUPPORT of the Sisters of Notre Dame and their need to sell this site, redevelopment of this site for a use compatible with its existing environment, and Kroger building another West Toledo store - just not on this site.

We write in STRONG OPPOSITION to the Kroger Company’s CR Regional Commercial Zoning and PUD request to build on the Sisters of Notre Dame campus for the following reasons:

  • GENERAL TRAFFIC Secor-Monroe-Sylvania is already one of the busiest intersections in Toledo with additional traffic to come with the completion of Secor Village and its Whole Foods 365 market. Kroger’s zoning request would further add to traffic congestion, as drivers would have only one in/out store entrance and exit from Monroe Street and a right-turn-in/right-turn-out only access southbound off Secor Road.
  • RESIDENTAL TRAFFIC SAFETY The Lincolnshire neighborhood has been inundated with daily cut-through traffic seeking to avoid Secor Road congestion. As noted above, cut-through traffic will increase.
  • TOO INTENSE AND INCOMPATABLE Kroger’s proposed large-scale commercial development would directly border two schools, the Maria Early Learning Center and Notre Dame Academy with a combined student body of approx. 750 students. Kroger’s only in & out entrance and exit would also serve as a shared driveway/entrance and exit for parents and guardians of children at the Maria Early Learning childcare center.
  • OTHER OPTIONS FOR BETTER REDEVELOPMENT There is still an active redevelopment proposal for this site – from a respected and well-financed local firm – to use this site as a senior, independent and assisted living center in a similar context to the Sunset Communities on Indian Road. Sadly, the parties that control the properties have not wanted to engage in this discussion over the last 12 months, but another NO vote for the rezoning of this site would open additional opportunities for better redevelopment discussions to begin – which would be beneficial to ALL parties.  
  • TOLEDO DESERVES BETTER DEVELOPMENT Equally important is the preservation of this unique, beautiful, historic corner and architecture. Toledo city leaders already turned down essentially the same site plan, as this new submission includes only minor changes. There is no justification for adopting this once rejected request. Kroger has offered innovative development in other cities, often upgrading already existing Kroger sites. Toledo  deserves better solutions for redevelopment and innovation of this West Toledo corner.

Please sign this petition as your request for a NO vote from Toledo elected officials.



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