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I cannot imagine spending one day in Danny Brown's shoes, and definitely not 19 years.

But 19 years is exactly how long Danny Brown was imprisoned for a murder and rape which he did not commit. He was arrested and convicted in 1982 for the murder and rape of a woman he casually dated; he was cleared by DNA evidence of the horrific crime, and released in 2001.  HE HAS ALWAYS MAINTAINED HIS INNOCENCE, AND DNA EVIDENCE HAS SUPPORTED THAT FACT.

Could you imagine being incarcerated for 19 years for a crime that you clearly did not commit?

What is even sadder about Danny's case is that after all the witnesses, DNA evidence, and even being subjected to (and passing) a polygraph test (that Lucas County required him to take AFTER being cleared by DNA), the Lucas County Prosecutor STILL refuses to exonerate Mr. Brown.

The DNA which cleared Danny Brown was matched to another individual, Sherman Preston, who was incarcerated for similar crimes at the time of DNA identification.  Danny's conviction was based solely on the inconsistent, often-contradictory testimony of the victim's six year old son. The child testified that their was only one murderer. After Danny Brown was cleared by DNA evidence, the prosecutor now says that they (Danny Brown and Sherman Preston) committed the heinous crime together.

If the Lucas County Prosecutor feels that Danny Brown knew and was a cohort in murder with Sherman Preston, then Danny Brown should be retried.  His efforts to force the court to retry him or exonerate him were in vain.  A higher court ruled against him. 

How much longer should Lucas County Officials be allowed to monopolize Mr. Danny Brown's life? They have taken 19 years from this man, 19 years that can never be returned to him. By refusing to exonerate him, they have "freed" Danny Brown, but he is still not free. His record is not clear; he is still considered a suspect in a NON-EXISTENT investigation.  In addition, as long as the Lucas County Prosecutor, Julia Bates, REFUSES to EXONERATE Danny Brown, then they will not be required to pay Danny compensation for his 19 years of wrongful imprisonment.

How long? How long? Can you imagine losing 19 years of your life for a crime that you didn't commit? Then being released after DNA evidence clears you, but told that you are still a suspect? They refuse to retry Mr. Danny Brown, but they refuse to exonerate him. On all levels of DECENCY, ON ALL LEVELS OF MORALS AND ETHICS, this is WRONG.

HOW LONG WILL WE ALLOW LUCAS COUNTY TO CONTINUE TO "IMPRISON" DANNY BROWN? Please show your support by signing this petition. Let Lucas County know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Give Danny Brown his life back.

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