The TOL Needs to Start Addressing CRIME!

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CRIME is on the rise in the TOL and it is high time our Mayor Jack Froese and Council do something about it. The RCMP are not to blame, and creating a municipal police force is NOT the answer, ( as one nearby Mayor thinks so ). It is time our Mayor openly puts his foot down and declares  war on CRIME! It is time council takes a hard look at what unnecessary things they are spending our tax dollars on, and time to spend more of what they already get on more RCMP in the TOL. I think almost everyone has been a victim of crime or knows someone who has been. Car break ins, drugs, break and enters, theft of vehicles etc. have to come to an end. We work hard for what we own, and we are sick and tired of hood rats taking it from us! Sign this petition, share this petition and let our Mayor and Council know that they have to start doing more about crime before we take matters into our own hands. Vigilantism is NOT the answer, so FIX IT!