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Tokyo Mayor: Commit to a "zero" kill policy on animal shelters

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Two hundred thousand cats and dogs are killed in animal shelters every year in Japan. Nearly 1/3 of these animals are former pets, brought in by their owners -- and they are usually put to death within days, before any effort is made to find them new owners.

The killing happens everywhere, but some cities are better than others. Through great efforts by the city and citizens alike, the percentage of animals killed in Tokyo's shelters has been reduced to 20%.

In addition, critical changes were made to the animal management law were made this past summer.  The newly elected mayor now has a legal obligation to act to minimize killing of animals in shelters.

I recently read and was moved by a book called "Zero" which chronicles the efforts of a public animal shelter in Kumamoto to become a no-kill shelter.

This shows that a "zero" policy is possible -- and if Tokyo leads the way, the rest of the country's animal shelters will also follow.

We have only a few weeks left until the election on Dec. 19. Please sign my petition and I'll make sure to deliver your signatures to each mayoral campaign.

With your help, we can help to take Tokyo along the path to becoming the first Japanese city to go entirely "zero".

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