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Prevent unnecessary destruction of the nature park in Tokyo due to the Olympic game in 2020.

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Dear residents of the Earth, Kasai Rinkai Park in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo , Japan is one of the greatest nature preserves one can find in Tokyo. The park is located on the shoreline of Tokyo-bay, and contains ponds, shrubs and woods, which are the important habitats of enormous number of wildlife. Including endangered species, there are 226 avian species, 140 species of insects, 80 species of spiders, 223 botanical species. Also, the park is an important place for the public to experience being in nature meanwhile spending quality family time. Literally, Kasai Rinkai Park is a cradle for all the living things in the coastal area of Tokyo. Unfortunately, the future of this park is not certain due to the Olympic games in 2020. The city of Tokyo is planning to build a canoe track over the Kasai Rinkai Park. From the very beginning, the park is constructed by the Tokyo city as one of its measures of nature conservation stand against the accelerated urban development of Tokyo in 90's. The park took over 24 years to develop a stable ecosystem in corner of the mega-city, Tokyo, and the conservation project is still working on safeguarding the habitats to maintain the enormous number of wildlife. We don't mean to be against holding the Olympic games in our country, but what we mean is "the Olympic game," probably the world greatest festival of love, peace and sports, can't be the reason to demolish the nature, and take over the home of wildlife, which people developed for over 24 years. If the Olympic game is really festival of love, peace and sports, it must not ignore nature and should work to have a positive effect on the local environment instead of destroying it. And, it should be able to find the place for canoe track. It does not have to be the part of habitats for endangered wildlife. Many people and groups are working on this problem lead by the World Bird Society of Japan, but this problem does not only exist in Tokyo, but also in every country that holds extremely large sporting contests. Please think about your future, your child's future and the future of our planet when you think of supporting us. The conservation of Kasai Rinkai Park is not only important to the Japanese people, but it is also important to the global community. We can host an Olympics that is eco-friendly, it is possible, we, as a global society can not afford to destroy more natural environments. This campaign will support the the conservation project for Kasai Rinkai Park. As the residents of the Earth, we need your support globally. Save the planet, From Mizuki Kojima
written by Kandai Doi

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