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Drop the MEDEX FAIR 2011 at Colombo city

This petition is to urge the " Times Of India" to drop their MEDEX FAIR at Colombo.This is important ,as there was a proven genocide happened with determined plot for the Tamil speaking son of the soil there by neglecting the equal rights on all levels of social structure.

The prolonged 25 years political dialogue closed by ethnic riots and rapes over innocent minority Tamil speaking woman and young girls. Escalated the minorities to take armed struggle for self respect and human rights to protect them from anonymous rapes and killing.

The 25 year old separate independent state of Tamil Eelam, with governing civil body and organized administration was poised to ruin, due to various benefits for super powers near and aroud the world. The geographical location of Tamil Eelam land becomes vital role and many of the biased countries joined the hands with racial Sri Lankan government lead by Sinhalese to eradicate the Tamil population in the soil.

The U.N witness, international press, media and Human rights wings were forcefully escalated from the war zone for no witness and the ever seen 21st century Genocide and ethnic cleansing was executed by the state owned forces recklessly. All the above footage were revealed by the Channel - 4 of U.K with great efforts after two years, which gave the shock wave around the world.

Most of the European union countries including Norway, United Kingdom have requested for probe and prosecution for war crimes and human rights, at International court. United States of America has sanctioned economic ban over the War Crime Sri Lankan government, the expert panel nominated by U.N Secretary general has submitted a detail report of massive genocide done determinedly and requested for immediate war crime probe and relief for the peoples encircled at concentration camp.The Genocide footage was also telecasted at U.S. Senate for the members, which concluded to an immediate economic ban over Sri Lanka.

Tamil Nadu State Government, a provincial state of South India has passed a resolution to implement economic ban over Sri Lanka to their central Indian Government, unanimously at their legislative assembly at St.George Fort. Canada , Cuba, Australia has declared the Sri Lanka as war crime. In this junction few South Asian countries including India, China, Japan and Russia supports this

. The Indian news media called " Times Of India" has arranged a Medical fair at Colombo city, to encourage the economy of War crimes gives an unhealthy approach and those who are concerned over the human rights, humanity and against of Genocide will have to drive a petition to this immoral News agents. The days are very less as the MEDEX FAIR at colombo will be starting by September - 2011 first week. There fore we urge the media "Times Of India" to drop this "MEDEX FAIR" immediately . If they want they can cgange the destination other than the Genocidal Colombo.

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