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Bring "Godzilla: Resurgence" to United States Theaters

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As a diehard Godzilla fan, I ask on behalf on god knows how many american Godzilla fans wish to see the TOHO Godzilla once again on the big screen. Since we have to wait another two years for the next american Godzilla film from Legendary Pictures, I ask the american film company New World Cinemas to bring the English version of the upcoming "Godzilla: Resurgence" film (AKA Shin Gojira) to American Theaters, as they are the official distributors. 

I know foreign movies aren't real popular in america, but it only fits by tradition, as the first movie in every Godzilla series has come to theaters here in the states (The 1954 Godzilla film, Godzilla 1985, and Godzilla 2000), so it's only necessary that at least the first movie in this new series should have a premiere here.

Godzilla has been an influence on my artistic lifestyle. It has been that way for me, and several fans over the past 60 years. However I was not around for any Godzilla movie (other than Godzilla 2014 and too young for Godzilla 2000) to see a western release. I feel that the only real way to experience Godzilla's awesome destructive power is to see it on the big screen. I love the character, and seeing him that way would be a gift from the gods. He's meant so much to me and all his other fans, having this experience, seeing a TOHO made Godzilla film the way it was meant to be seen will be the definitive way to bring us all together.

So I ask you, New World Cinemas if you are reading this, please bring TOHO's newest interpretation of the beloved character to big screens. It is a huge investment for yourselves; bringing it to theaters with a box office will make several thousand dollars at least, especially provided with the success of the 2014 film, might also give you more attention from major film productions. Fans are speaking out, they are willing to buy tickets, and it is up to you to make the decision to sell it to them. Because I can almost guarantee a success. 

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