We want Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie in Philippine

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Dragon Ball is the no.1 most popular anime in Philippine

However, despite having a huge fanbase, till now not a single Dragon Ball movie got a theatrical release in Philippine .Millions of Dragon Ball fans from around the country have been waiting for long to get an opportunity to watch it on the big screen. 


Dragon Ball Super Broly the upcoming Dragon Ball movie that will get released in Japan in December 2018, and the US January 2019, but they didn't confirm any release in Philippine as of yet .

Given the last 2 movies didn't make it to Philippine either, it's assumable that the same would happen unless we do something about it.

All the passionate filipino Dragon Ball fans desperately want to see the movie in theaters of Philippine , and we want this movie to become the first-ever Dragon Ball movie to get a theatrical release in Phillippine

We now, through this petition urge, TOEI, Funimation, FOX, and the movie producers or the distributors who are in charge of this to co-operate, and make our dream of having Dragon Ball movies in theaters of Philippine a reality!

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