Cancel The Production of Digimon Adventure Ψ

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Digimon is a long running media franchise that has spawned millions of concepts over the past decade and it has been part of the childhood of lots of people, recently there's a new product made by the greedy enterprise Toei Animation that attempts to change and reboot a series that was rebooted lots of times, Digimon Adventure is an overused concept, and it should end right now to make more room for other amazing concepts this franchise brings, it is imperative that the fandom of this franchise signs this petition so it can reach to Toei Animation, in the past a campaing related to translating Digimon games overseas (Operation Decode), was succesful on calling out the franchise, thanks to that campaing Digimon is still alive in the west, we need your support as a fellow Tamer/Destined, so we can strive to make this franchise even better, we must tell Toei Animation to stop this kind of commercial tactics because they will only bring ruin to Digimon, and Digimon cannot resist another bankruptcy caused by the greedy Toei Animation and it's affiliates, there needs to be someone who actually does anything to save Digimon right now, there's millions of concepts that need exploration on this franchise and Toei never makes any use of them, they only want cash, we need to show that we will not give them cash for being lazy. We need to cancel this series NOW.