Toddlers Road Rally-Empowering Children to Build a Safe Nation

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"We at Toddlers Nursery believe in Life Skills and Learning through Collaboration with the community. Learning which includes problem solving and decision making at an early age builds a strong foundation for life. I feel proud to have such supporting Parents, Teachers and Community members that help us achieve this. Our children are our motivation and we learn from them all the time." - says Insiyah Rahim, Director of Toddlers Nursery and Founder of Learn2Teach.

So this year we are creating awareness  about the issue of the horrible roads, problems faced by our school and public and measures to overcome. Children and teachers are doing an independent and intensive project on this issue. In this regard we want support from each and every individual  to be a part of this initiative.

We have scheduled a meeting with the Local Corporator wherein we will be showcasing the entire project culmination of our students with the copy of this signed petition.

In this regard we want your maximum support to make this initiative a path to Better Roads.

Similar campaign was done few years back regarding No Spitting by our children and teachers. Please watch a short video to help you understand the project

A glimpse to our world at Toddlers.