To Get All Insurance Companies to Cover Weight Loss Treatments

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Currently in the United States, Obesity has been classified as a disease by the Centers for Disease Control, yet only insurance companies in 23 states cover the disease fully, leaving insureds in 27 over states left to reach deeply into their own pockets in order to pay for the treatments they may need to help them lose the weight and reach a healthy goal weight. It appears that despite the rising costs of health care due to the rising costs to care for the health risks of those who are obese, it is disheartening to feel like the insurance industry wants to keep the obese in their current state.

While I am normally against government interference, I would like to see a mandate put in place to encourage insurance companies to share more of, if not begin to share, the costs of treatments for the obese, aside from that of just evaluation. The reasoning is that it will cost less in the long run to treat obesity up front than to treat the health risks from obesity down the road. It would be a win-win situation for the health insurance industry and the insured who may be obese, as well as those who are afraid of footing the bill.

Personal story
Over the last three years, and two separate injuries, I have gained 100 lbs that I certainly did not desire to gain. I have tried all kinds of diets in the past, from low carb, high protein, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, to even physician supervised using prescribed medications. The latter being completely not covered by my health insurance company, due to Indiana being one of the mandated states to cover obesity treatments.

The problem with my weight is that it puts more pressure on a low back injury, making recovery difficult. I did find someone who specializes in that injury, but the pain still comes and goes due to the pressure from carrying an extra 100 lbs on my womanly frame.

Since it felt like weight loss solutions, like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, didn't seem to be working, I decided to try the gastric sleeve or lap band, only to find that my health insurance provider does not cover the surgery. The surgery costs are so much lower than what the cost of treatment for Type II Diabetes, heart disease, a heart attack, stroke, and more, which are all health risks due to obesity. Currently, I don't have those, but they loom ahead.

I just want to be healthy, as others that I speak with who are obese.