Create a grandfather clause for tobacco products in Indiana and Michigan

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I’m 18, I’ve been 18 for more than 6 months now. I am legally and adult. If I choose I can go and fight and die for my country. I can vote for my representatives in my state and country.  But I can’t purchase tobacco anymore. The bill to raise the federal minimum age of tobacco products to 21 has overlooked a group of people, those who are already 18, 19, and 20 who were legally allowed to purchase tobacco before the law was put in place. We’ve had our right to buy tobacco since we were 18 but the new law takes away a freedom from those who are legal adults and who were previously allowed to purchase nicotine products. Adding a Grandfather Clause would allow young legal adults to remain legal, and those who have yet to turn the proper age to legally obtain these products would wait until they're the new legal age. The high schoolers who are currently 18 will be graduating in a few months, this leaves them years of not being in school, which is the purpose of the Bill, yet still not being allowed to purchase these products. The law has also effected legal age smokers who are well past graduation, just not 21 years old yet. The goal of this petition is to convince The house, Sentate, and our Governor to implement a Grandfather Clause to this law for those who were the previous legal age but are now cut off from obtaining nicotine products legally.