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Reject a county-wide Social Host Ordinance in Orange County

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*The required amount of signatures is being changed by me, not by the Board. This is to maximize the amount of signatures*

*The Board of Supervisors meeting that discusses the Social Host Ordinance has been tabled until Tuesday, December 17th* 

A Social Host Ordinance fines those who knowingly host events where minors are present drinking alcohol. While superficially an ordinance of this measure holds good intentions, certain unintended consequences outweigh positive benefits. While underage drinking is a problem that needs to be addressed, the ordinance disincentives’ calling police for assistance, addresses the supply of the problem instead of the demand, and becomes a challenge for communities to find appropriate resources to implement the law which creates significant risks of liabilities. This is a step in the wrong direction to preventing underage drinking; A Social Host Ordinance drives teen parties and drinking into secrecy. 

How can you make a difference? Sign this petition, call or email the Orange County Board of Supervisors (numbers are listed at: Spitzer at, and state YOUR opinion at the Board of Supervisors meetings held on Tuesday, December 17th, at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Chambers located in the Hall of Administrationat 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., 10 Civic Center Plaza, 1st Floor,Santa Ana, CA 92701.


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