Charge for plastic bags in all stores in Ontario!

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In Ontario, there have been no true laws beyond simple encouragement to reduce the use of plastic bags. With plastic pollution becoming more endangering than ever before, we must do everything in our power to reduce our impact. 

Realistically, we may only see enormous change with the ban of these bags. However, every big idea must start small; I understand this, and so I believe our first step should be to implement a mandatory charge for plastic bags in stores. 

Ontario is one of the world’s leading provinces in terms of environmental development - we have completely abolished the use of coal as a source of energy, passed laws for forest sustainability, and have many more things planned for the future. So why is it that the ministry hasn’t done much to reduce the use of plastic in the form of single use bags? 

By doing something as simple as charge 10 cents a bag, we can only see benefits with virtually no consequences. This law will encourage people to buy and use reusable bags, create virtually free extra profit for stores, and reduce the amount of plastic being discarded. 

Many other countries have acted on this idea with drastic results: Great Britain experience an 85% decrease in the use of plastic bags after just a 5 pence charge, Scotland experienced an 80% decrease for the same price, and leaders like Australia have caused an 80% decrease just by banning the bags in some main supermarkets. 

If we follow in these footsteps, Ontario can easily become one of the most environmentally conscious provinces yet. Again, though a full ban would be best, for now we can start with a 10 cent mandatory charge on all plastic bags in retail. 

With practically no drawbacks, there’s really no reason not to, right?