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 Well, this is not about not trusting on Todd or Matt, or anyone of the production, but a guarantee for the book fans, we love the tv show too, but Sebastian is our protected boy, and we're scared, we all loved the choice of WIll Tudor, everyone fall in love with him.

 But, here, we asking to you guys not change he's past so hardly, or his personality, we need all the thing of jealous about jace and valentine, the thing of never being loved, the possession with Clarissa, yes the incest, is a part of his history, and we know that will don't color his hair so sebastian verlac will not have black hair, but PLEASE, we need the platinum hair, and the black eyes. Jonathan/Sebastian is the most complex character Cassandra Clare ever made, he is THE GUY, please, do this for us, we being you, please guys.

 It's about Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern we're talking, the boy was never loved, the monster, he born a monster, he don't choose that, but Todd, Matt, you guys can choose this! You can make this to us! Please, I'm being you, change whatever you want, but not sebastian's life story.

This is a development that we named "Acheronta Movebo Inc" Thank you.


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