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We are creating this petition to support Dominic Sherwood after all the hate he is getting after his intervention during Matthew Daddario's live. We believe that he doesn't deserve it at all, and that all this drama is going too far for absolutely nothing. 

Dominic Sherwood is a kind hearted person and a joker, he has no intention to harm anyone by his comment. He only wanted to joke with his close friend Matthew Daddario without knowing that he was actually live streaming on Facebook. 

Actually the word "Fag" could indeed harm the LGBTQ+ community in a DIFFERENT context. We need to differenciate a friend greeting another close friends with a joke and a real homophobic person. Dominic Sherwood shouldn't even had to apologize for it. Also, Matthew Daddario wasn't offended at all by this word, he knew that he was joking, otherwise Dominic Sherwood wouldn't even greeted him like this in the first place. 

So, this petition's goal is only to show Dominic Sherwood that we love him and that he doesn't have to justify his behaviour to anyone. We know that it was a word pronounced in a friendly context and that he doesn't mean to harm anyone. His actions are more important than a simple word pronounced at the wrong moment that has absolutely no meaning in a harming context. And we all know that Dominic Sherwood is an amazing human being with only good intentions toward his fans. .

We also firmly support the LGBTQ+ Community. We believe that this drama is a waste of time, and we should only focus on the greater problems. Dominic Sherwood is not homophobic, we are also non homophobic. We are all defending the same cause and we should all support and love each other instead of fighting over small talk. 

Peace and Love to everyone. 







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