Help Sean go against an unlawful disciplinary action set by FCHS

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Recently a member of FCHS was caught with a prohibited item on a school field trip to Dayton, Ohio. Although this behavior is not permitted the student was recently punished very harshly by being given 10 days of O.S.S and it is being recommended that he spend his senior year of high school at gateway. 

Gateway is the county’s alternative school for students who need more structure after getting in more serious offenses—for example alcohol on the premises, selling illegal substances— and others from Forsyth Central have received better alternative consequences for committing worse offenses. Attending Gateway Academy will not only separate Sean from his musical career in the marching band (along with relationships, and memories he has formed) but it will also ruin his senior year of high school by putting him in a place with students who have no ambition and will most likely continue with bad behavior. The county code of conduct explicitly offers alternative programs and punishments yet, none were offered to this student to redeem himself. Signing this petition is one step closer to correcting this sentence and helping Sean complete his senior year with students just like him, who care about him versus falling into the wrong crowd because he made a mistake.

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