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ALL NBC Boycott

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I am done!

If you are fed up with the Liberal media it is time to take a stand.

Turn off ALL NBC programs until they stop the unwarranted harassment of the President we elected.

You either truly stand with President Trump or you don't.

If you do we must unite & effect NBC's ratings thus advertising thus revenue or they will NEVER stop disrespecting the President & every American who voted for him.

Once NBC's revenue is effected then and ONLY then will they respect the rest of the country and not just the Left.They will have to consider ALL of America.

Then and ONLY then will the other networks ABC, CBS, CNN etc also see what the ramifications of constantly attacking a sitting president or pushing one sides agenda over another has.

This ONLY works if ALL Trump supporters, every person who is fed up with the hourly/daily attacks on a sitting president, every person who believes in EQUAL treatment & RIGHTS for ALL, every person who stands for America being great actually COMMITTING & turning off ALL NBC shows (remove them from DVR).

Your favorite show is not worth the disrespect NBC is allowing towards the President & everyone that supports him. It is not worth allowing a sitting president & his family to be constantly attacked, berated, abused, harassed daily.

Today, NBC ONLY cares about the Left, what the Left wants, if the Left gets offended etc. We must stand there is simply no other option, if so I would love to hear it.

We need a committed national boycott to send a strong message!

Please share & let's get Republicans standing with Trump & turning off ALL NBC shows until they respect Trump & all of America.

Today: America is counting on you

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