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To Prevent the gypsy traveller site in mastin moor

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The proposed travellers site will cause major disruption for residents. Those that own their own homes will find the house prices crash and are unable to sell. Crime rates are likely to increase. As they have in other areas where traveller sites have been implemented.

Our safety and the safety of our children is in jeopardy, with a decision made by people that do not live near to the proposed sites. 

Are the council willing to buy our houses so we can move? Move every rental resident that request a move? Every council Home the ability to move if they need to for their families well being?  Guarantee the crime will not increase? Be sure that our children are in a safe community? If the answer to these is no then we must prevent this at all costs. 

In addition the land proposed is on a steep slope making it impractical for the site. Although the council says there are many school places in the area there are simply not enough as schools each year are already at capacity. 

There are many other places where the land is more suitable and away from residential homes. There seems to be no practical reason to place this here in the middle of a housing estate. 

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