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Investigate Social Services, STOP forced adoption, splitting up families for profit

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Stop Social Services from removing children from good loving homes, for Forced Adoption and Long Term Foster Care.

When I was 19 years old, Social Services came into my life, after a hospital referral from the Social Worker, I had asked for a letter to be written to the local council, to try and speed up my housing application at the time, As I had my baby girl 5 weeks early. I had to be induced, as my pregnancy had complications, I suffered with a condition called Pre-Eclampsia. A day or 2 after having my baby girl, myself and my partner received a visit from Social Workers whilst my baby girl was on the Special care baby unit at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Derbyshire. They had done a back ground check on my partner, didn't like what they found out, and demanded that we could not live together as a family in his One bedroom flat. So myself and my daughter had to stay with my parents, whilst he had supervised contact, as they thought he would be a risk to his own child.

We were subjected to unannounced visits, risk assessments, and to attend a nursery (which was to observe parenting abilities) and various court appearances through out a period of 18 months. Both myself and my daughters father had our own solicitors in our home town, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.  My solicitor advised me, that Social Services would make me choose between my relationship with her father or to be a single mother, before my daughter was 1 year old, we had split up, as advised by my solicitor. My baby's father was cut out of her life forever. I was closely monitored after we had separated.

My parents had 2 Jack Russells at the time, Social Services took a dislike to them both, Fred (a boy) and Penny (a girl) were well behaved around my daughter, I personally think that they were protecting her from the moment my girl came home. Social Workers requested that we got a dog kennel for when they visited, just because our dogs barked alot when they came to visit. Fred and Penny would bark, if someone was knocking on the front door, it's a natural response. These dogs were denied the right to be in the house when they came to visit, something that my parents did not agree with doing.

Social Services started to monitor me more, now I was a single parent at the age of 19.  Me and my daughter shared a bedroom, she had her cot, and I had a single bed.  The house was always warm, I always took care of my daughters needs, it was very rare that I wanted to go out with my friends and ask my parents to babysit. My girl had a very loud cry in the night when she needed to be changed or needed a bottle, one morning I was already down stairs and doing what needed to be done, before my mother had to go to work. Social workers had thought at one point, that my parents were taking care of my daughter 'most of the time' when it was me.

My daughter's first Christmas was ruined, because contact workers had witnessed an incident at my house whilst they were visiting.  My daughter was in an old car seat, on the floor, next to me, I was sat on the settee, my dad was over the other side of the living room, he was getting frustrated when trying to connect a new dvd player to the tv, and I had said something as a joke whilst the contact worker was in the house. Which resulted in my dad throwing a remote control at me, it hit me in the chest, and because of this.. Social workers wanted my dad to move out of the house temporarily until I could get my own house. Social workers had put too much thought into what else could happen, so they approached an housing association to help me move into a 2 bedroom house.  

I had the keys in February 2000, for about 2 weeks, my parents were helping to decorate, only my dad was not allowed to be there if my daughter was there with me, so I had to allow my parents to do most of the decorating by themselves, whilst I remained at their house.  Then we had to get furniture etc put into place, I had sought out 2nd hand items, or collect items from car boot sales, as being a single mother on benefits did not allow me to buy brand new items. I think it was a week before my daughter's 1st birthday when we finally moved in.  During this time, a local young woman had become friends with me, she was pregnant with her own child. Her partner was a convicted schedule one offender, Social Services had statements saying I had allowed him to have contact with my little girl, not true, I only met this young woman, never had met her partner. 

My daughters' 1st birthday came, a day later.. contact workers had a good visit, everything was good, no concerns from them that morning. In the afternoon, I had my social worker and nursery manager trying to get through my front door, luckily enough I had the chain on, my daughter was asleep in the pram in the living room, I was getting coal in for the fire. They had come out to remove my daughter from my care, they wanted her to go into foster care, If I didn't co-operate, they said they would call the police to my home to assist in removing my child. I did not sign any paperwork to authorise them to do this. It was voluntary. I was feeling like I was being bullied by the 2 of them. Like I had no choice in the matter. So I agreed reluctantly to let them put my daughter into foster care. I was allowed to go with them to the foster carers house, to settle her in, I spent a little while there, then they forced me to go home to an empty house. 

I had 6 months to prove that I can be a mother to my child and take care of all her needs, but when you have someone watching you constantly.. you end up feeling like your possibly doing something wrong when your not.  It was difficult to show them, especially when it was me having the supervised contact, either at home or at the nursery. In July 2000, Social services had applied for a full care order and to permanently remove my daughter from my life, by putting her up for adoption. They had told the court that my daughter could be at risk from future emotional harm.  I was asked if I would sign the adoption papers, and because I refused, the court had taken away my parental consent. I was crying my eyes out, shouting and swearing my head off, I was an emotional wreck, It broke my heart, it was like they had a knife and stabbed me in the heart, I was broken.

In August 2000, me, my parents and my brother had to say goodbye to my daughter, we had our final contact at the nursery. When it was time for my girl to leave, she was crying her eyes out, she knew something was wrong, she didn't want to leave me. She was 18 months old, she knew her name, she knew who we were. 

Years later, I joined Facebook, I was aware that other people had been in similar situation as me, having children taken away from them and their families. I found out, how to request my files from social services. Which I did a few years ago, and discovered that whilst my daughter was in foster care, Social services were 'Twin Tracking' the case, (looking into adoption behind my back) They had it planned from the moment she was placed into foster care. This is when I found out there had been lies in statements and reports they had done for the family courts. This is when I found out.. I had supposedly allowed my daughter to have contact with someone who was convicted as a Schedule one offender, but myself and my daughter had never met this man, I only knew his first name. I went to a normal school, social services sent me to an assessment place, the report said I had mild learning difficulties.. what a load of rubbish. I am not dyslexic, I can read and write, I didn't receive any 'special' treatment whilst at school.

I have been attending my local hospital, a few years after social services had placed my daughter for adoption, against my wishes, abusing my human rights to a family life. All people who were involved never mentioned that I had human rights, even my own solicitor kept this information from me!  I have been attending hospital because I am now suffering with fertility problems. My Fallopian tubes have been scarring and blocking up, cause unknown. I have had surgery (laparoscopy) and X-rays to try and find out the cause, but there isn't much hope for me to have another child naturally. I have my left tube blocked, surgeon couldn't reach the blocked area to clear it for me, the right one remains clear, but there is a very slim chance of me falling pregnant, and if I did.. there would be risk of tubal pregnancy,  an Ectopic  pregnancy or miscarriage. My only chance to become pregnant again would be IVF, and I've already asked for a free try on the NHS, to be refused, because I already have a child. I cannot afford to go private with IVF, I wouldn't want to, because I know for a fact that Social Services would become involved again, and possibly remove any future children from me at birth. 

The government introduced adoption targets in 2000, the same year that they took my girl off me. For every successful adoption they achieve, they receive a bonus.. Well I am not risking being a baby factory for them to come in again and take another child away.  Fostering also makes them money, this is why there is so many children in Long Term foster care.  The system needs to change! They are wrecking people's lives for profit.  My daughter is now 18 years old, they cannot gag me. I will not stay silent about the trauma they caused to me and my daughter. We need to stop this!



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