Stop the MOE and the Park Superintendent from destroying Turkey Point Beach

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Turkey Point Beach is under attack by the new Park Superintendent, Jeff Pickersgill. Turkey Point property owners have been targeted. Numerous fines have been levied recently for offences such as raking the beach. Criminal charges have also been laid.  The most disturbing is a new mandate allowing long grasses, noxious weeds, Deer Ticks and swamp land to take over this pristine piece of land.  The new directive will ruin this once immaculate beach. Access to the beach by the public will be restricted to designated entry points. All other existing points of entry would be illegal and charges could be laid for trespassing.

Turkey Point Beach is one of Norfolk County's crown jewels.  Thousands of tourists and families from local areas and beyond frequent this beach each year.  To allow the beach to be overcome with weeds, garbage and grasses, would hurt the local economy, increase tick born disease, ruin property values/property taxes and destroy one of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario.