Add taxis into London V3

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Taxis are a massive want for most people in Version 3 of London.

This is currently due to the lack of civil jobs. There are BBC, which write on news articles and such, but... that's it, really.

Given the scale of what Version 3 plans to be and the overall size, (it's planned to be three times as large as V2 by previously published screenshots), I think it would be a great idea to get trained driving officers who know the city well enough to be able to drive civilians around.

Especially given the extra focus there will be of vehicles in V3. At the moment, V2 is mostly bikes, followed by some cars which are gamepasses. In Version 3, I believe it's planned that there will not be bikes, only cars. In which case it'd be a good idea as not many people would have good enough transportation to know where they are going in the city.

Although skateboards will most likely be given out, they're not fully efficient in getting around due to them being slow, and sometimes glitchy.

How will it work?

It will work very much like the Taxi Services and Department of Transportation in Nightgaladeld's USA. Taxis will park in key areas around the city, such as visitor spawns, and people will ask for a taxi ride. Then, they say where they are going, and they are transported to the location. Citizens won't even have to pay. It's that simple.

Taxi drivers will be told not to drive people that are Arrest on Sight, or people who have an illegal weapon.


Taxi drivers will have a USP for self defence, much like BBC employees. If this USP is to be abused, then they will be exiled instantly, and blacklisted from the company. The taxi drivers will also be given a car spawner, which will allow them to spawn a taxi and cabby.

In conclusion, hopefully the development staff look into adding this as I feel it would add much more accessibility, employment and overall depth into London.