It's high time End Tanu's character and throw Leena jumani Out from the show Kumkum Bhagya

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1) From the beginning of the show Leena is taking the center of the theme, but her character is one of the useless character in the entire story. Every other characters including the lead characters had given a break but her character never been sidelined or space reduced.

2) Many of the supporting roles and parallel leads quitted the show because of her. For example, Mrunal Thakur, Arjit Taneja, Ankit Mohan and many more. And now Vin Rana also gonna quit the show because the makers concentrating only on her character by leaving others.

3) 7 years leap was planned to show new angle of the story using new character King Singh and it was supposed to revolve around Abhi Pragya and King Singh but because of her insistence they changed the entire story and made her character as Abhi's wife and spoiled the entire show. 

4) Her dressing, she always wear exposing cloths and it make viewers to cringe. It's a prime time show and the most successful show, in that she is dressing like a porn show actress it makes uncomfortable to watch with family and kids.

5) To make her character more powerful they are portraying child abuse. Harming the kid intentionally, scaring the kid and threating a 6 years old, and planning to burn the kid alive in fire. it's totally wrong to show in prime time show where we watch with family. Setting up very bad morals.

6) Her behaviour are always rubbing salt on fans wounds she provoke fans and at the end she is playing victim and making fans low Infront of media and her costars. Because of one or two fans she called the entire Kumkum Bhagya fandom as sadists. And most of the time she wantedly post pictures just to provoke fans and always seeking attention through fans and insults them. She thinks because of her show is success and never respects the fans.

7) Makers are so obsessed with her whenever she plans to quit they offer her more screen space and importance and sticking that useless character to the story. Because of their obsession towards her character every other characters are getting butchered especially leads character. We watch the show Only for leads but to give importance to her character they are showing leads as dumb. In the beginning Madhurima Tuli played Tanu she had limited screen space according how the story needs once Leena replaced writers started make leads as dumb and Tanu as superior. When the Abhigya's face-off happened the story was around Abhi Pragya and King and the show got number one position in TRP chart and then they started to concentrate on Tanu because of Leena's insistence and the show's ratings reduced.

8) Tanu character has no importance because of her the character is prolonged to this level, because of her the story's entire theme changed and made her as Abhi's wife. We didn't watched this show for 4+ years to witness her continuous crap. She needs to quit the show it's high time now her character had to end.

It's enough of leena's role as Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya, no fans are bashing Leena for playing Tanu's character. All are bashing and wanting her to end the show because of her interference in the story and spoiling the show.

Sign this petition if you want Leena to quit the show, Tanu is the most unwanted character and they are shoving her on fans face only because of leena's demand.

Sign this petition and do share it.

Leena Jumani should quit the show if the show wanna regain its charm. And makers should get rid of their obsession and should concentrate on King Abhi and Pragya. viewers are fed up of Leena and Tanu.

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