Remove CS2209 Assignment 4 Mark and Restructure Final Exam

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To whom it may concern,

We, the students of CompSci2209A, are writing a letter of complaint to express our dissatisfaction with the way the course has been instructed by Professor Robert Mercer and we would like to have the Exam restructured and Assignment 4 marks removed from our grades. Our dissatisfaction stems from the fact that:

-          Professor comes to lectures unprepared

-          Lecture notes are hand written and have a lot of typos

-          No practical or practice examples given aside from (2-3 question) quizzes and assignments

-          Doesn’t post solutions for assignments and quizzes until long after they have been graded so we don’t know how we got questions wrong and are not sure how to correctly solve questions (Ex. Assignment 2 was due Oct.29, he posted Assignment 2 solutions Dec.10)

-          Posted midterm solutions 3 days before the final exam (almost 2 months after the midterm took place)

-          Does not reply to emails at all

-          Multiple assignment questions modified and added 2 days before due date

As a result, we the students feel unprepared for the final exam. Even when we seek help from the TAs, they are unsure of themselves and what the Professor is teaching. Our lack of preparation for the final exam is not because of lack of effort. We, the students, put in a great deal effort into this course and it feels as those the Professor is not putting an equal effort into instructing the course. So, we feel an appropriate solution to this problem would be if content that was rushed and not thoroughly taught such as “modelling with propositional logic+ DPLL+ Implication graph” and “dead/live/equivalent code” should be removed from the final exam. Or, perhaps the final exam requires us to answer  most but not all of the questions so that we can answer questions that we feel were taught the best. For example, 12 question exam and students pick 10 out of 12 to be answered.

With respect to the removal of Assignment 4 grades, we the students feel this action is only fair considering the way the Professor presented Assignment 4 to the students. The Assignment was due on Dec.3 at 11:59 p.m. Here are a list of the assignment modifications in chronological order:

-          Nov.19: Assignment 4 is posted

-          Nov.27: Part I of assignment is modified and another question is added to Part II of the assignment

-          Nov.28: New Assignment 4 is uploaded with precise submission instructions

-          Nov.29: Part of the information (the code) in the new assignment is incorrect and the correct code is given to us via announcements

-          Nov.29(4 hours later): A new assignment 4 is uploaded and submission instructions are modified to incorporate those changes

-          Dec.1: Students are notified of a typo in the code (which effected the ability of the assignment program to run) via announcements

-          Dec.3 (11:23 am): Professor tells students to include explanations of solutions and how their code implements solutions

Because of these 6 modifications which occurred so close to the assignment due date and students already having a lack of understanding, many students were unable to submit good assignments. So, we, the students, believe that it is only fair that Assignment 4 marks are removed from our grades.


                                                            Thank You, Sincerely the Students of CompSci2209A