Scrap Foundation Course CGPA (University of Hyderabad)

Scrap Foundation Course CGPA (University of Hyderabad)

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Anju Guddugurki Rao started this petition to Academic Council (University of Hyderabad) and

This is a movement led by NSUI-University of Hyderabad Unit against adding grade points secured in Foundation Courses to the overall cumulative grade point average. It pertains to all Integrated and PG course students who have taken admission into the Choice Based Credit System in 2017-18. The University administration itself is new to CBCS and has done a haphazard job in implementing the roll out of Foundation courses.


  • Difficulty level and evaluation methods varied immensely across FCs.
  • The Ethics FC had a multiple choice question paper for end semester exam which required little to no preparation, to the jubiliation of its students.
  • Major discrepancies were found in declaring FC results for Social Exclusion : Concepts and Approaches (FN213). Almost all students got B and C grades which had reduced the CGPA so drastically that some students could not apply for overseas research applications.
  • After students protested before the faculty of Social Exclusion, they admitted that they declared the wrong grades - a major blunder caught
  • Foundation course Urdu Level-II was offered in the odd semester without offering its logical preceding part, Urdu Level I in the even semester. How does the university expect a beginner with no knowledge to opt for Urdu Level- II without completing Level I? It was learnt that the Urdu faculty taught Level I with a mix of Level II in the course. This is nothing but blatant arbitrariness.
  • Management students have 8 papers per semester as opposed to other courses where there are 4-6 papers. Raising FC grades is additional burden for MBA students which is a grave concern
  • Moreover, FC faculty was irregular to classes, despite three different professors splitting one single course among themselves.
  • Some faculty had rushed syllabi and internals and sent some students outside the niche discipline into a confused frenzy.
  • In a notice dated 16 November, 2017, the Controller of Examinations himself condoned attendance requirement for FC, two days before FC end semester exam. This shows the unprepared nature of the university administration in treating FC seriously. 
  • Hence, in absense of standardisation and efficient implementation, why should CBCS make it mandatory to add FC score in the CGPA of students?
  • The morning timing for the FC courses (8am - 9am) is such that students cant even finish their breakfast at messes that open at 7:30am. Without timely buses at different venues early in the morning, how does the university expect one to manage their meals and classes? This is hazardours to the health of students and compromise their performance.

BOTTOM LINE: Decimal changes in grade points can make or break careers. Surely, students had signed up for CBCS, but not for a hapharzdly done method. Let the credits add up but not the grade point to the CGPA

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