We were coerced into consent.

We were coerced into consent.

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To use in a court of law against the Australian government for acts of coercion

Why this petition matters

Started by Ben McNamara

This is a call out to all Australians who believe they had no real choice when receiving the vaccine. The main stream media and the politicians have been constantly preaching that the majority of Australians received the vaccine because they wanted to, freely for their health. 

Within the medical profession, the majority of people we've spoken to as patients have received the vaccine because they would not be allowed to work, travel or partake in everyday activities if they did not have the Covid vaccine.

The Australian people were told that the vaccine would stop the spread and contraction of the virus, which it has not. The Australian people, You, were lied to, that once we hit percentage numbers we would have our freedoms back, which we still do not have. Masks and mandates are still being enforced.

This petition is to demonstrate how many of us received the Covid vaccine/s due to a coercion from the State and Federal governments. 

This is your opportunity to help be heard and spread your truth, not what's being falsely stated by the mainstream media and politicians.

230 have signed. Let’s get to 500!