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Please refuse commercials promoting the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

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Say N0 to Enbridge Commercials
• CBC . President Hubert Lacroix,
• Shaw / Global TV: JR Shaw, Executive Chair; Jim Shaw,
• CTV / Bell Media, President Kevin W. Crull

We the undersigned are first of all Canadian citizens, many of us are also residents of British Columbia; likewise many of us would be the ones who will pay a very devastating price should there be a leaking pipeline and or a super-tanker disaster, due to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.

We are not being paid, we are not terrorists, and we are all citizens who contribute to our country and community. We are highly offended by Harper and his government’s treatment of Canadian citizens, and his absolute disrespect for the heritage we have protected prior to his arrival in Ottawa.

At stake is not only our drinking water, that even our infant children are dependent on, but so are all forms of fish and wildlife. Each plays a delicate role in maintain a healthy living environment for the citizens of British Columbia, and each species of life that lives there as well. Even plants will die when exposed to toxic goods such as the highly corrosive bitumen Enbridge plans to send through the pipeline.

Every animal from the mighty eagle, the grizzly bears, moose and deer, and all birds, fish and aquatic life is at risk, not just a small risk, but a very high risk.
We feel it is highly misleading and very dishonest to call it oil, because anyone with a degree in chemical science can prove that the two are very different inside of a pipeline, and have a very different wear and tear factor.

We are also very aware of the track record Enbridge has in regards to both oil spills and clean up, and both are important reasons not to allow the pipeline to proceed.

There is no technology in existence today that can remove bitumen from rivers covered in flowing ice, there is no technology in place that can protect the pipeline from floods, mudslides or avalanches, not to mention trying to clean up during a flood where waters are so dangerous and treacherous human life would not be allowed to be risked on a cleanup.

You cannot do bitumen cleanup in white water, and given the history of oil pipeline companies, simply put they won’t even try. The fact is they are more willing to spend money on media lies than on cleanup.

Based on the large number of complaints by residents on the Kalamazoo River of seizures in livestock, pets and humans, clearly Enbridge does not mind putting human life at risk, while at the same time they will tell us they cannot put human life at risk to clean up the mess.

We the undersigned know that your networks thrive on protecting community, and enjoy a history of participating in community activities. For that reason we are asking you to continue showing your support for community by refusing to air commercials by or in support of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

We would suggest that their advertisements would have the same effect on people as advertising cigarettes, where people would be unduly influenced to harm themselves, as the ads are not telling the honest truth, but rather a distorted truth for reasons that would only profit a minority of people.

Most of the profits would leave Canada, and China would simply help Canada do even more harm to the already dangerous levels of carbon emissions the world is facing today.


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