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     Have you ever heard about one of the most brutal massacres of post-Cold War time – massacre of Khojaly, a town in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region now occupied by Armenia? During a single night of 26 February 1992 Armenian warlords ordered to kill hundreds of civilian dwellers of this town and brought the very settlement to the aches? Among them 613 victims were 63 children; 103 children lost one of their parents and 25 children lost both. This massacre has been recognized by the Parliamentary Union of 53 countries, parliaments of 7 individual countries, and 16 states of the USA as a crime against humanity and “act of genocide”.*
       Despite these objective accessions the powerful Armenian lobby and its paid propagandists are continuously attempting to shut down the truth about Khojaly massacre by ambiguous grievances on the historical tragic events of 100 years old. 23 years they have been exerting their strenuous efforts to veil from the world the truth of Khojaly massacre where 613 people - mostly elders, women and children- have been deliberately slaughtered**. 23 years they have been poisoning consciousness of their own people by telling them that Khojaly was “revenge against the tragic fate of Armenians in 1915”. This year, in April, Armenian leaders (among them 1992 warlords responsible for Khojaly slaughter) and their lobbyists will again turn to you on what happened 100 years ago. But they will never tell you how ruthless and bloodthirsty was what they call “Khojaly revenge” against innocent Azerbaijanis.
We appeal to you to lead the noble cause of ensuring justice for those who can't anymore cry for it themselves; to fight the liars and to make a world MORE JUST by signing the petition below.


*The resolution by the Parliamentary Union of the OIC. Parliaments of Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Honduras and Bosnia and Herzegovina; The State legislature of California, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Maine, New–Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut and Indiana.
**In an interview to investigative journalist Thomas de Waal, Serzh Sarkisian, the current president of Armenia and 1992 Karabakh war-lord described the event in a way which pointed at deliberate plan to perpetrate massacre as a tool of spreading mass horror. (De Waal Thomas, Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan through Peace and War, New York University Press, 2003, p. 172)

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