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This is a non partisan petition to allow Veterans to be treated for health needs immediately at any hospital of their choice.

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With good will from both political parties, emergency legislation can be signed into law in a matter of days. 

Once the law is passed, veterans should not need to wait for an official card, or "voucher", but they should be admitted and treated at any hospital upon presentation of their veteran status identification.

Veterans over 65 years old could immediately be covered under MEDICARE.

The costs of treating the backlog of veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals (VA) would be comparable to the costs of treating these veterans at any hospital, without incurring into the cost of more bureaucracy, but especially without them having to wait more time, a luxury most of them do not have.

The federal government could then reimburse the hospitals for the medical services rendered to veterans, with the money saved in "reforming" the VA (I.e.: hiring more personnel, more doctors, acquiring more resources, creating hospital beds and treating the patients). 

However, this matter should not be a question of money. Veterans deserve to be treated immediately at whatever price, because they offered their most precious possession, their life, to defend the rest of us. Paying for their healthcare and a prompt service is the minimum we can do for them. 

Those veterans who prefer being treated at VA hospitals will maintain this option.

This proposal is the only one that can solve the VA backlog immediately, before "further studies", before passing other proposed legislation intended to allow firing bureaucrats at the VA, before more doctors can be hired, before waiting lists can be cleaned up, and especially before more veterans die.

Congress will have the option of reversing the law, if and when the backlogs have disappeared.

This petition was initiated by the Self Government Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) Educational organization.

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