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To the United States Attorney for The Western District of New York : Dismissal of the Indictment of Lawrence Brose

We the undersigned are deeply troubled by the current effort by American federal authorities in Buffalo to besmirch the reputation and destroy the career of Lawrence Brose, one of the artistic treasures of Western New York State.

Those who are familiar with Brose’s career know that while his work is sensuous and sensual, it is anything but obscene. Indeed to charge, as the Department of Homeland Security in Buffalo has, that the beautiful silkscreens made from frame sequences of his film De Profundis are evidence of “child pornography” is nothing short of preposterous.

It is time to free Brose from the stress and fear of being convicted of the “crime” of being a man of integrity and an accomplished artist.


Scott MacDonald

Professor of Film History, Hamilton College, Harvard University
2012 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scholar

and Dominique Bluher

Lecturer on Visual & Environmental Studies, Harvard University

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  • William J. Hocul, Jr.
    To the United States Attorney for The Western District of New York

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