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Impose Sanctions on the Serbian FA

We the undersigned believe that the acts of racism, taunting, and violence recently exhibited by Serbia's national team and its supporters are completely unacceptable in a modern and progressive society.

In addition, to bringing the game of football into disrepute, it demonstrates savagery and barbarism, animosity and lack of professionalism.

As it would seem that the Serbian FA is deliberately deflecting blame and has so far refused to accept its duty to intervene and comply with international law and efforts to stamp out racism, either in its football team or supporters.

We the undersigned believe the UEFA should, with immediate effect, impose stiff sanctions on the Serbian FA from playing or participating in any European, Friendly, or International matches until such time as it can be demonstrated that it has effectively implemented actions to combat racism both on the pitch and in the stands.

Furthermore, we do not believe that a mere fine will be a stiff enough sanction and that the Serbian FA must demonstrate its efforts in working toward justice and equality and social cohesion.

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