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HR2954 Passes In The House

Tony Kazulen II
uniontown, PA

Feb 13, 2014 — HR819 Introduced By Rep. Walter B. Jones (R)Nc Was Put Into A Package Bill HR 2954, Called The Public Access and Lands Improvement Act, And Was Voted On And Passed On February 6, 2014, We Still Need The Senate Vote To Bring This To The Presidents Desk For A Signature, Share This And Sign It To Support ORV And Pedestrian Access On The Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area, This Is About Being Able To Even Walk On The Beaches As The National Park Service(NPS) Has Closed 26 Miles Of The Seashore To Even Walking. You Cannot Step Foot On Those 26 Miles Anymore.....Please Watch This To See What Has Happened To The Seashore And It's Residents, And YOU, The Visitor!!


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