Ask the BLM to Stop Energy Prospecting on Walker Ridge

Ask the BLM to Stop Energy Prospecting on Walker Ridge

August 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Walker Ridge is an ecological treasure with renowned biological diversity and fascinating geology. The area’s serpentine soils make it the home to at least 27 rare plants, 11 of which are globally rare and endemic to this small area of California.

Walker Ridge is the frequent target of energy developers. The latest proposal comes from Colusa Wind LLC (aka Algonquin Power and Utility). The international company wants to build an industrial scale wind development on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands in a largely undisturbed ridge area. 

The California Energy Commission‘s wind energy resource maps indicate that Walker Ridge area has marginal to low power generation potential when compared to established California commercial wind power sites.

It’s time to stop energy prospecting on Walker Ridge and permanently protect this special place.

 To this effect, the California Native Plant Society has submitted two Area of Critical and Environmental Concern (ACEC) proposals for the review of the BLM and have not received a response to date. Designation as an ACEC would permanently protect Walker Ridge from this wind energy development.  Congressman John Garamendi has written the BLM asking about the status of the CNPS ACEC proposal review.  It has been nine years since CNPS last submitted a proposal and a response from BLM is long overdue. 

Let’s work together to permanently protect Walker Ridge as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern!  Join us in directly calling upon the Bureau of Land Management to respond to our request and ensure the long-term conservation of  Walker Ridge today!   Please sign the petition and let's ensure Walker Ridge is available for all to recreate on enjoy rather than for the profit of energy developers. Learn more at

Conservation. Recreation.  Beauty for all.


Support now
Signatures: 5,131Next Goal: 7,500
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