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Stop lying to Kurds, USA!

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Mr. Secretary General,
On behalf of the Syrian Kurds we urge you to oblige the U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw the U.S. troops from the territory of Syria.
For more than four weeks, heavy clashes have been going on in Efrin Canton in Syria’s northwest. Our people have been bravely resisting Turkish invaders. Thousands of Kurdish patriots as well as innocent civilians have already lost their lives in these clashes.
We are tired of U.S. ‘allies’, who illegally deployed their troops on Syria’s ground. The U.S. presence in Syria contradicts the international law. By its actions, Pentagon has repeatedly confirmed its intention to seize the energy resources of the country instead of fighting ISIS or other terrorist organizations.
For a long time, Washington has promised us autonomy, comprehensive support and assistance. What we actually got? The U.S. has lied to us all this time and occupied our territories by deploying dozens of military bases. Moreover, the U.S. authorities made us turn away from the Syrian government, which repeatedly offered us cooperation and assistance. Now, Turkey is killing us, and the U.S. is silently watching this.
We have always yearned for peace in Syria. The U.S. isn’t interested in the settlement of the Syrian crisis. Washington intentionally dragged us into a long and bloody war that plays into the U.S. hands.
We call upon all those striving to settle the Syrian crisis as well as our brothers and sisters across the world to help us to withdraw the U.S. forces from Syria. Washington must stop lying to Kurds. Stop the illegal occupation of our territories. Get out of Syria!

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