Remove and replace the Rebel mascot of MN ISD #2164, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton.

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WHEREAS the rebel mascot of DGF closely resembles the rebels of the Confederate States of America in our nation’s Civil War, and,

WHEREAS no school district should ever glamorize or trivialize the Confederate States legacy of slavery and racism by adopting its mascot, and,

WHEREAS a Confederate rebel mascot dishonors the sacrifice of American soldiers from Minnesota who fought against the Confederate rebels in the American Civil War, and,

WHEREAS a Confederate rebel mascot disrespects and prolongs the American journey towards racial equity, and,

WHEREAS a Confederate rebel mascot is incompatible with the DGF mission statement, which includes a belief “in the significance of cultural and global awareness,” therefore,

WE, the undersigned petition the School Board and administration of ISD #2164 to discontinue all use of and reference to its current rebel mascot, and, to begin a search for a new mascot that will be a positive representation of the past, present and future of Dilworth, Glyndon and Felton Minnesota.