Petition in Support of the Betabel Project in San Benito County

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PETITION LANGUAGE:  “As citizens who desire a brighter economic future for San Benito County, we join together in full support of the Betabel project on Highway 101 and the designation of the C-1 zoning ordinance for the project.”

The Betabel Project is a well-planned and environmentally thoughtful project which will greatly benefit our county both economically and in preserving our rural lands. Not only will it bring revenue, it will bring jobs to San Benito County. 

The McDowell Family, the developer of this project, has already cleaned up a huge eyesore in our community—clearing out a 25 acre junkyard of vehicles and getting rid of illegal activities happening on the property, as well as working with a local environmental group to clean up and remove several tons of trash and restore the Pajaro River which runs through the property.

In addition, the Betabel Project has pledged 86 of their 112 acres to growing organic produce, which fits with our rich farm heritage in San Benito County. The Betabel Project will also create walking trails and picnic areas along the river for residents and visitors alike to enjoy our beautiful county. They will also provide some basic services, a gas station, diner and rest area, as well as a market/produce stand to sell their organic produce and feature other San Benito County products.

One other bright note—the McDowell family has created a charitable trust and all profits from the Betabel project will be donated to children’s cancer research. This themed project is well planned, and will not only provide services, but will also bring badly needed revenue to our County.

Join us in supporting the Betabel Project. 

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