Petition from Foreign Students to the Rector of KSMU and concerned authorities

Petition from Foreign Students to the Rector of KSMU and concerned authorities

1 марта 2022 г.
to the Rector of KSMU and concerned authorities
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Автор: Tyler Durden

Dear Rector of Kursk State Medical University, Mr. Victor Anatolevich Lazarenko.

Foreign Students and their relatives are coming through this petition, addressed to you, the Rector of Kursk State Medical University (KSMU), to kindly ask that you, using the powers and benefits of your position, look into the possibility of allocating students to the Online Teaching Method due to the facts and concerns voiced below.

It is now common knowledge that the sanctions imposed by western countries upon Russian Federation have disrupted banking, communication, and media systems to a degree and that is tremendously affecting foreign students. As of this date, students are having problems receiving money from their respective countries, most transfer services are not trading Rubles right now, which deeply affects Students’ capabilities of staying in Kursk. While it is sure this is temporary it is also known that there is no time schedule to the end of these sanctions so far, which leads to further problems of economical nature since students need a reliable source of income to pay their bills, rents, food, and water, among other expenses such as medical expenses.

Due to the fact that KSMU is situated near the border where special operations are taking place, families of foreign students are concerned with their safety. Many parents and relatives are restless because of the current situation. This is also true for the students themselves, aggravated by current economic factors, the performance of said students is subpar due to worries and stress caused by this situation.

Regarding students’ health, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the medical system is now not operating at its optimal levels, which itself is another aggravating factor that maybe help influence your decision to let students go online. This would further guarantee their health and ease the burden on the families, both economically and psychologically.

The students also would like to stress that it is not their will to leave Kursk Medical State University, but they’re being forced by this situation and this measure of leaving the country to continue studying at a distance is the best solution to keep students enrolled and protect them from future economic and military conflicts resulting from the undue attention caused by this special operation. Students and relatives do hope that things return to normal as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile they wish you, dear Rector of the KSMU, to allow them to be able to return to their countries where their studies, health, and lifestyle are not endangered by current events.

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition and we hope that you, Dear Rector, understand and agree with our claims. We hope for the time when all activities return to normal in the near future.


Эта петиция выиграла с 938 подписантами!

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