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To the R.N.C. release the Tampa Fair Grounds , to the Paul Campain and allow them to hold Paul Fest There , as You have no need for its grounds anyway

Currently The Ron Paul campaign , Is searching for a location to hold '' Ron Paul Fest '' And and are now wanting to hold this massive event at The Tampa Florida , State Fair Grounds , But the RNC is Forbidding Them And will not Release the fair grounds to the Paul Campaign , and will not give its blessing for it to take place . How this all works is , Because the RNC Convention Will be hosted in Tampa ,. The RNC has First right and say over all location's or facilities , to were they could potentially hold the convention , and they will not release the fair grounds , so that The Paul Campaign Can rent it out , to host Ron Paul Fest . This is completely ridiculous , as the RNC has already determined were they will hold there Convention , and really has no use for The fair grounds at all anyway . As we all know the RNC has been saying for ever Ron Paul Has no support , bla bla bla , as we all know this is far from the truth , the RNC is afraid because , what will they say when two or three hundred thousand or more Ron Paul Supporters show up , Then how will they continue to deny Paul's Support ??? Also in addition to all of this Floridion's Should be displeased as if Paul fest was not held there Tampa , would be refused all the revenue that would potentially , be gained from all the tourism , with Hotels , businesses , restaurants , Ect... so in conclusion we are petitioning The RNC To not forbid Paul fest from taking place , and releasing the Fair Grounds To The Paul Campaign For its use .

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