Reduction of the SEMSTER FEES.

Reduction of the SEMSTER FEES.

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Students of RCCIIT started this petition to TO THE PRINCIPAL and

We are in the middle of a  pandemic started due to the novel coronavirus a few months ago, which has forced the entire world to shut down all activities and stay at home. The answer to when this pandemic will end is absolutely uncertain and unpredictable.All the actions taken to fight this deadly disease were all in vain till now and we are facing a lots of trouble due to it. We are stuck at home as it is extremely unsafe to use public transport at this point of time.

Students of the RCCIIT have been asked to pay the semester fees within  31st August and for online payment within 31st July,which is very difficult for the students.Many students have financial problems and parents of many students are in financial crisis due to this pandemic.

RCCIIT tuition fees is really high and students need time as well as compensation for the fees to be paid.Given that none of us are using most of the facilities provided by the college, there is no reason to pay the full academic fees.

Some of the facilities students are not using include:

1) Not accessing classrooms and labs, which reduces a huge amount of electricity bill.

2) Unlimited wifi fees, which again reduces huge amount.

3) Library access.

4)Examination fee.

5)Extra curricular activities.

6)Cultural Fests

7) Other technology usage fees.

Even the government and education minister has reminded the organiztions many times that they should not force students or members to pay fees or other amounts quickly and reduce them as much as possible. Many universities have extended and reduced fees to ensure the betterment of their students.

We, the STUDENTS of RCCIIT, request the mentioned persons and authorities of RCCIIT, to take all these factors and points into consideration and make it easy for its students to fight the pandemic by reducing ACADEMIC FEES BY ATLEAST 50%  for the upcoming semester as students will probably not be reporting to campus anytime soon.

If necessary steps are not taken to reduce the academic fees, students will be forced to appeal to higher or external authorities.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!