Repair the levee at PGR to prevent flooding of our communities

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The heavy rains of May 16, 2017 caused the levee at the Plantain Garden River (PGR) Agro Park in the Parish of St. Thomas to break, causing millions of dollars in damage and stranding one of the farmers in his organic plot for several hours. However, the breaking of the levee at PGR cannot and should not be looked as an unfortunate singular incidence but should be viewed as a warning of major catastrophic events in the near future, which will have devastating effects for all the communities downstream, which include Winchester, Golden Grove, Duckenfields, Wheelerfield, Bachelor Hall, Johnson Mountain, Spring Bank, Taris, Dalvey, Amity Hall and other communities and little settlements situated in the most eastern part of Jamaica. 

With up to 17 storm systems expected this season, aggravated by climate change and the fall rainy season, we demand immediate action from the government, to prevent further breeches of the levee, which will result in economic hardship for many farmers and may cause loss of life or injury. We request assistance from the Prime Minister to mobilize and deploy resources including funding and equipment,  which will help us to conduct proper river training and resolve the challenges faced by the PGR Agro Park farmers and the surrounding communities. This was allocated over three years ago and to date we not seen any action from the government or agencies.