Help “Save Our Children”!

Help “Save Our Children”!

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Approximately 1,000,000 children per year in the United States do not see the light of day at birth because they have been aborted prior to delivery.

The goal of this petition is to gather support and send a clear message that many United States Citizens are in favor of Life and the many other humane solutions if the child is not wanted by the child's mother.

In Summary

  • We support all legal and loving efforts required to save babies in the womb.
  • We do not support the use of our tax dollars for free RU 486 abortion pills made available on California college campuses (Senate Bill 24).
  • We condemn Infanticide because it is a barbaric Act and has to Stop!  Congress MUST pass the "Born Alive" Act S311.
  • We strongly support the use of a fetal heartbeat as an indicator of life in the womb.