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Request the President to Correct Military Service Records

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. military personnel were punished for refusing the anthrax vaccine. The mandatory order to submit to the vaccine violated U.S. law prior to December 2005. The order was illegal because the vaccine license had not been finalized by the FDA, and the immunization was being utilized for an illegal, previously unapproved and experimental purpose. The vaccine also originated from a manufacturer that had been non-validated by the FDA, plus illegal, previously unapproved and adulterating manufacturing changes had occurred at the plant. Federal courts halted the program due to the violations, but the military never retroactively corrected the records of the troops they wrongfully punished when the program was illegal. The program was on the verge of being cancelled in 2001, but was unwittingly saved by the anthrax letter attacks. It took the FBI almost a decade to find that the motive of the attacks was to save the "failing" anthrax vaccine program, and that the perpetrator was the U.S. Army scientist responsible for anthrax vaccine testing at Fort Detrick, MD. After being duped by the anthrax letter attacks, the government never resurveyed the anthrax vaccine program, or the pre-2006 punishments imposed on our troops who deserved their legal right, under 10 USC 1107, of informed consent (voluntary vaccinations). Due to the intransigence of the military on this matter, and the fact that records correction requests are beyond the statute of limitations, the President of the United States, as Commander in Chief, is respectfully requested to review and act on this important issue in the name of justice. For more information see:

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