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To the President of the United States - Please visit the communities that have been harmed by unconventional drilling and "fracking" for natural gas.

Dear President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary Moniz,   We, the undersigned, stand with the letter written to you by Josh Fox, the creator and director of the documentaries Gasland and Gaslands II.   Mr. Fox has tirelessly given voice to the individuals and communities who have suffered an unjust and endless assault on their safe water, their clean air and the health of their families.  Their rights as citizens, as property owners and as taxpayers demand the protection of their government from corporations and industries who act irresponsibly in the extraction of resources for profit.   We stand with Mr. Fox in asking you to visit the shalefields personally - to see and hear for yourself the firsthand stories of contamination and subsequent injustice from the residents themselves - so that you may better understand the true human cost of hydraulic fracturing.   We stand with Mr. Fox in asking you to meet with qualified scientists, from many disciplines - who are not funded or influenced by the natural gas industry - but who have vital information to share with you regarding the risks and realities of "fracking", both to the local environments in which unconventional drilling and fracking for natural gas is occurring ... as well as to the acceleration of global climate change over the next 20 years.     And we stand firmly with Mr. Fox in asking you to reverse course in your support for Natural Gas as a "bridge" or "transition" fuel that will replace the toxic combination of fossil fuels we have used thus far to power our nation.   Natural Gas is NOT the new solution.   It is but a lateral move when this moment in our history clearly calls for an elevation beyond the destructive and harmful habits of our past.   We wish to support you.   And we WILL stand by you ... IF ... you have the courage and the character to stand with the PEOPLE over the immense power and manipulation of corporate interests.   _______________________________________________________     Image of gas flaring by Les Stone    
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