NO GST on TEXTILES, STAPLE FOOD Affecting the POOR & COMMON Public - A Request

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                 NO GST on STAPLE FOOD & TEXTILES - A Request

We are sure that any elected Govt would definitely and fully consider the NEEDS and NECESSITIES of 90% of the Indian Public.

For the past 70 yrs, right from Independence of our Country, the one & only main policy followed by all elected Govts till date is to safe-guard the Basic Necessities of every Indian and all the more the Poor & Common Indian, by easily providing, at the most nominal rates, the 3 Basic Necessities of Life -

"Roti, Kapda & Makaan".

1. ROTI - It is the First Duty of our Govt to provide the basic Staple Food for the Common & Poor Indian at the most nominal rates - absolutely Tax/GST Free.

Under Staple Food - we have Wheat, Rice & Daal - without which the Common man CANNOT SURVIVE.

A Life & Death matter and it becomes the utmost duty of Govt to make the above Staple-food products GST FREE.

It is right of every Indian and the culture of India, to fully Cover-up the body - be a Man or Lady.

Again our Govt is duty-bound to provide the Textiles at the most nominal rates SANS any Taxes/GST.

Even today Textiles do not suffer any Taxation, being the most essential basic necessity of all incl the Poor & Common Indian.

Even the slightest Taxation would gravely affect the Common & Poor Indian which we would like to high-light.

Hence our Govt must see to it that as maintained for the past 70 years, TEXTILES must be made GST-FREE.

Even an iota of Taxation on TEXTILES would amount to a Big Burden on the Common & Poor Indian who constitute about 90% of our Population.

And kindly note that any TAXATION on Staple Food & TEXTILES would tantamount to Heavy Inflation and the Common & Poor will become Poorer & Poorer, which wld RUIN our Economy and very badly affect our GDP of our Country.

Imposing any GST in Staple Food items & TEXTILES would INDUCE SEVERE POVERTY among the POOR who are almost 80% of our population.

We are sure our Govt and Learned Officials would take all our above points into utmost consideration and and keeping in mind the Duties towards the Common & Poor Indian and to safe-guard their basic interests/necessities, will definitely make the Staple Food Products and TEXTILES Fully GST-FREE.

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Lets all keep on forwarding the above till it reaches our PM, FM & Officials.

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