Help keep this axe murder in jail Edward horrall shall never be released

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This man has killed before in 1970 and has repeated it again twenty odds years with my family.The parole board is considering releasing this man to our society in MARCH 2022 fir beening a good role model in the area of his prison time ..he has served 23 yrs already but shall never be let out please help this FOUNDATION for the victims of his horrendous act to MICHAELINE N BABY HENRY LIFE FOR LIFE The more signatures we get the better to give to the parole board to not release this evil man THANK YOU PLZ NEED SIGNATURES THIS MAN CAN NOT B ALOUD OUT IN OUR SOCIETY EVER WE NEED THE DEATH PENALTY IN AUSTRALIA N USE CAN HELP ME OR WE CAN AT LEAST TRY FOR ALL THE VICTIMS WHO HAVE BEEN THROUGH THIS N HAS HAD NO JUSTICE N THE SYSTEM ENOUGH IS ENOUGH STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE NOW IT STARTS WITH US ...U N ME HELP ME KEEP THIS MAN IN JAIL AND OTHERS WHO HAS SUFFERED A LIFE TIME FOR NOTHING JUST GFO THEM TO BE LET FREE BUT WE STILL IN CHAINS DROWNING MORE THEN EVER KNOWING THEY ARE OUT THERE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH STOP DOMESTIC  VIOLENCE NOW STARTING WITH THE JUSTICE SYSTEM PLEASE SIGN MICHAELINE N BABY HENRYS FOUNDATION FOR LIFE FOR LIFE......he should neben be released EWARDE HORRALL