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An unfortunate incident recently occurred in my once tranquil island, Nevis. A video has surfaced online showing two students of the Charlestown Secondary School violently choking, punching and injuring another student. This is not acceptable and our students must know that this is NOT how you deal with anger. Murderers are not born, they are made. Our society contributes to the making of murderers and criminals every time we do nothing. Every time we turn a blind eye to violence in any form we are in effect condoning the actions of perpetrators.

Questions are still to be asked and answered. Persons are still watching and waiting. Today, I am standing! Today I am letting my voice be heard. Today I am asking Nevis to join with me in this petition. Let us all come together and make this stand! Let us join our voices!

By signing this petition, you are asking the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to nip violence in Nevis in the bud – to punish persecutors and violent bullies before it is too late and to protect and serve our youth.

We are signing this petition to take a stand against:

  1. The seed of anger, hate, murder and the other social ills demonstrated in these students
  2. Silence in our community about obvious and malicious acts of violence within the youth community.

We are signing to take a stand for:

  1. The protection of our students against bullying, violence and other criminal activity
  2. Charges of assault and battery against the perpetrators of such violent and potentially fatal acts, following investigation.
  3. Serious punishment for the perpetrators that includes public apologies, detainment at a Juvenile Detention or Rehabilitation facility for at least one school term, and 12 months’ probation which includes community services and full participation in an anti-bullying/anti-crime campaign. (Expulsion should be a last resort as no child should be denied education).
  4. Therapy, counseling & anger management for the perpetrators and victims.
  5. Consultation among the NIA, Department of Education & other stakeholders toward the development of strategies to combat criminality and anti-social behaviour in youth including:
    • Education and empowerment of the youth – to encourage respect among peers and to prevent the bystander effect, to be incorporated into schools' curriculum.
    • Permanent legislation that will take the above into consideration and cause serious and immediate action to be taken when similar events occur.

 Please sign for the victim! Please sign for our country!


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