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Cannabis: no legalization without a referendum

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Justin Trudeau's government wishes to legalize cannabis in Canada.

Many serious questions are being raised in this debate: physical and mental health problems (with an  increased risk of serious psychiatric consequences in younger users), road safety, demotivation at work, reputation of Canada on the international level (legalization might contravene a number of treaties signed by the country), etc.

Mr. Trudeau's government relies on its electoral mandate to proceed to such a legalization. However, the government was not elected by an absolute majority of voters but only by 39% of them. Many of these voters supported it for reasons  that have nothing to do with this undertaking or even despite this project.

What is contemplated is not a decriminalization of cannabis, which might be more acceptable.

Few countries or states in the world have legalized this product Therefore, the information about its risks and long-term effects are little-known.

The decision that the government wishes to implement would be irreversible. The toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube.

Considering the serious and permanent consequences that the government project might entail for Canadian families and citizens, we the undersigned request that there be a referendum held throughout Canada regarding the government's project to legalize cannabis.

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